Sizing Guidelines

Sizing Guidelines*
Sleep Tight™ Person’s weight Approximate age W x L Blanket Weight
XS22-35 lbs3 years 32” x 36” 5 lbs
S36-45 lbs4-5 years 36” x 42” 8 lbs
M46-70 lbs6-10 years 42” x 54” 12 lbs
L71-140 lbs11-15 years 54” x 72” 16 lbs
XL141 lbs +16 years - adult 57” x 80” 25 lbs
Relaxer™ Person’s weight Width x Length Relaxer™ Weight
S 80-110 lbs 19” x 39” 8 lbs
M 111-140 lbs 19” x 45” 12 lbs
L141 lbs + 21” x 49” 16 lbs

Puppy Weighted
Shoulder Wrap™
Person’s weight Approximate age Wrap Weight
XS25-60 lbs3-6 years1.5 lbs
S61-90 lbs6-10 years2.5 lbs
M91-140 lbs10 years and older 3.5 lbs
Shoulder Wrap™
Person’s weight Approximate age Wrap Weight
M91-140 lbs10 years and older3.5 lbs
L141 lbs +adolescents and adults4.5 lbs
Sit Tight™ Child’s weight Width x Length Sit Tight™ Weight
S25-40 lbs 7” x 15” 3 lbs
M41-80 lbs 8.5” x 19” 4 lbs
L81-140 lbs 9” x 21” 6 lbs
Cozy Caterpillar™
Compression Tube
Person’s weight
XS22-45 lbs
S46-70 lbs
M71-110 lbs
L111-160 lbs
XL161 lbs +
Wrap Arounds™ Child’s weight Child’s height Weight per pair
S20-30 lbs25”-30” 1.1 lbs
M31-40 lbs31”-40”1.75 lbs
L41-50 lbs41”-50”2.25 lbs
XL51-60 lbs51”-60”2.6 lbs
Holdster™ Person’s weight Approximate Age
S25-60 lbs3-6 years
M61-115 lbs7-13 years
L116+ lbs14 to adult
Focus Fidgety™ Width x Length Approximate Age
S3" x 4"children and adults with smaller hands
L3" x 5"adolescents and adults with larger hands