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Testimonials from Customers

"I was skeptical how a blanket could help anyone sleep better until I tried it. The blanket made me feel so warm and secure, it calmed down my restless sleep. I am a doctor and treat a lot of insomnia, I can't tell you how happy I am to have a non-medication alternative to recommend to my patients." - SU from Dallas, TX

"I can’t thank you enough - we have been through a lot in 6 years and for the first time in his life my son slept 14 days in a row!! He was up one night for a couple hours two nights ago but that was really nothing compared to what we have been through. Any one who knows our family knows that our son has a major sleep disorder - one that we have been to National Board Certified Sleep Doctor experts for. We’ve tried everything including some medication and none of it has worked. Thank you!” - AH from RI

I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the weighted blanket we'd just purchased from you. Our son has used it now for a few days and we have noticed huge improvements with his ability to fall asleep quickly and wake up very calm and relaxed. I have recommended Sommerfly to our OT.” - MK from CO

"My son, who has Autism, is loving your weighted blanket, Wrap Around weighted sashes, and the Holdster chew and hand fidget. I am loving them too! He falls asleep within 10 minutes with his new blanket, calms with his Wrap Arounds and does not bite as he has his “chewy”." - KZ from NC

"Just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying the Sleep Tight blanket - my usually very fitful sleep has vastly improved these past few nights. My husband has even taken it for a spin while resting & he was surprised at the calming effect it had! Thanks for the great product, excellent communication & super fast shipping - I've already passed your website address to a couple friends..." - E.R. from MN

Thanks for the great product, excellent communication & super fast shipping - I've already passed your website address to a couple friends. - F.S. from ID

"Our 3 year old has serious oral motor concerns and was constantly seeking oral input by either putting non-food items in her mouth or biting anything and anyone. Since we started using the Holdster, she has virtually stopped her previous mouthing behavior by using the chewy attachment. She is not at all bothered by wearing the Holdster and wears it all day at Preschool. The Holdster has prevented many biting "incidents" and we no longer worry about our daughter putting non-food items in her mouth when she is wearing it. Many times she will self-soothe with the chewy attachment or we will simply remind her, "where is your chewy?" The Holdster is absolutely wonderful; we don't know how we got along without it! Thank you!!!" - K.H.

" I want to thank you so much for my weighted blanket. It has completely changed my life. I no longer am afraid to go to bed due to fear of nightmares. I used to go to sleep at any time between 12-4 in the morning, and now I can go to sleep during normal times of 10-12 at night. I know I will feel safe and warm and protected by my blanket...One interesting thing is the relaxation and calmness I get from my blanket is now spreading into daytime hours and I have no more tremors and much less anxiety and agitation. Thank you so much for your wonderful design. I just can't imagine anything better." The fabric "is nice and soft. I usually don't like texture, but this fabric is quite nice and of excellent quality." - P.B. from VA

"The Customer Service provided is second to none! The blanket itself is well made and will last long after my son grows out of it." - Customer Survey

"I as the mom enjoy the scooped out neck feature as it does not bunch around the neck giving great comfort." - Customer Survey

"Let me just completely profess my unending appreciation and gratitude to you! Can I tell you that I feel like I've been on a 6 day trip to a spa! I have had 6 nights of uninterrupted sleep! My son has been sleeping through the night since we picked up the weighted blanket. I still have to lay down with him which we'll work on that next, but he falls asleep within 20 minutes opposed to 1 1/2 hrs and sleeps from 8 until 6:30, he then comes in my room until 7:30. It is amazing! I could have saved myself from a few grays if I only asked for the blanket sooner! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Kristi! Oh-and my husband thanks you too-he said it's nice to have his wife back!" K.C. from RI

"It's now become a habit, where it's the one thing that I look forward to at night to relax before going to bed. I put The Relaxer on and listen to soft music and I feel so "Special"! It's nice to pamper one self after a long day of doing and going. It gives you the calming feeling and I can't help but feel so relaxed. It's like reading a good book, and dying to get to the next chapter, as it's that good and you've just got to know more... I absolutely love it and wish that I could say more, but it's now my time to go get this blanket on and get pampered!!!" - C.H. from RI

"We started using the weighted blanket about 3 weeks ago. My daughter went from taking up to an hour to fall asleep and then waking 3-4 times per night to falling asleep in 5-15 minutes and only waking 1 time per night. What a huge change and it happened so quickly! Thank you again for such a wonderful product!" - S.H.