Sleep Tight™ Weighted Blanket - Standard Fabrics
Sleep Tight™ Weighted Blanket - Standard Fabrics
Sleep Tight™ Weighted Blanket - Standard Fabrics
Sleep Tight™ Weighted Blanket - Standard Fabrics
Sleep Tight™ Weighted Blanket - Standard Fabrics
Sleep Tight™ Weighted Blanket - Standard Fabrics
Sleep Tight™ Weighted Blanket - Standard Fabrics
Sommerfly Weighted Blankets

Sleep Tight™ Weighted Blanket - Standard Fabrics

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Our Sommerfly Sleep Tight™ Weighted Blankets are wonderful for providing deep pressure touch sensation.  They have been shown to be effective to soothe, calm and comfort, helping many to achieve a more restful night's sleep. 

The Sleep Tight™ weighted blanket is for children and adults.  There are five sizes to fit weight ranges from 20 pounds to well over 200 pounds.

Calming down for sleep is difficult for many children and adults.  Swaddling, which is gentle deep pressure from a blanket has been used to help soothe since ancient times.  The gentle deep pressure touch sensation from our Sleep Tight™ gives a similar experience as swaddling and is an effective way to help calm down for sleep and help stay asleep.

The Sleep Tight™ is designed with a curved cutout portion at the top.  This design allows the blanket to contour around the shoulders and under the chin for a great fit without bunching up around the head area.  The Sleep Tight™ is made with soft cotton corduroy fabric to further encourage calming down for sleep.

Unlike other weighted products worn during the day that have wearing time limitations, The Sleep Tight™ weighted blanket can be worn all night or may be taken off after the person has fallen asleep.

Materials: The Sleep Tight™ is made with cotton corduroy and filled with non-toxic PET pellets.

Washing/Drying Instructions: You may machine wash your Sleep Tight™, hang to dry on a drying rack or machine dry on low heat/fluff cycle.  Do not use bleach.  Check your washer/dryer weight limitations for larger sized blankets.

Sleep Tight™ Covers (sold separately): The Sleep Tight™ cover slips on the blanket like a duvet cover.  Attach the cover to the blanket by inserting a tie end (located on the inside edges and corners of the cover) through each corner loop on the blanket.  Tie in a bow for easy untying, zip the bottom closed.  Now available in waterproof fabric options – check our web site for more information.


Note: If the person falls outside the parameters of our Sizing Guidelines please either contact your Therapist or call us for our size recommendations. 

Sleep Tight™ Weighted Blanket

Sleep Tight™ Person’s weight in pounds Approximate age Width x Length Blanket Weight
XS 22-35 lbs 3 years 32” x 36” 5 lbs
S 36-45 lbs 4-5 years 36” x 42” 8 lbs
M 46-70 lbs 6-10 years 42” x 54” 12 lbs
L 71-140 lbs 11-15 years 54” x 72” 16 lbs
XL 141 lbs and over 16 years - adult 57” x 80” 25 lbs

 Not recommended for people who have decreased strength due to age or illness. The person must be able to take the blanket off of themselves independently.

  • Innovative curved cut out portion at the top which allows the blanket to properly contour around the shoulders.
  • Currently in stock in both navy blue and buckskin tan corduroy and 100% cotton Blue Waves with Navy Blue on the other side.
  • Other fabric options are custom orders and may take 1 to 3 weeks to ship.
  • Weighted with PET pellets which have no BPA, Phthalate or Lead. Non-Toxic.
  • "Pocketed Construction" technique keeps pellets evenly distributed in their chambers, providing optimal weight coverage over the user.
  • Pellets are sewn into a cloth bag creating double protection and durability.
  • Made in the USA with 100% high quality soft cotton.
  • Double stitching for strength and maximum durability.
  • Special tabs on blankets to secure optional duvet covers. See our Covers tab and watch our video for more details.

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