Made in USA

 We take great pride in the excellent construction, innovative designs, and superior quality materials used in our products. We want to be the leader in the market by making the highest quality products available, made right here in the USA.

We pride ourselves in:
  • Providing innovative designs which exceed expectations and meet the needs of children and adults.
  • Creating high-quality, functional, yet affordable products that help sleep, focus and calm.
  • Making lives more relaxed and comfortable one product at a time.
What does Sommerfly use:
  • Cotton fabric - We selected 100% cotton as it is soft but also durable – a necessity when washing and loving your products over time.
  • PET pellets - PET pellets are free of BPA, Phthalate and lead. We have used these pellets for years in our products and have had only excellent results with durability and safety. I keep pellets near my sewing machine when I am designing new products, and my nieces love to sink their hands into the pellets to experience their smooth and soothing feel. 
All our products are well-thought out and constructed with the highest quality materials. We know that therapeutic products are not inexpensive, and are expected to last a very long time. Sommerfly goes the extra mile in adding value and ensuring our products provide long-lasting comfort and durability. And of course, we focus on constructing our products right here in the USA, so you know that quality is guaranteed.

Extra details such as:
  • The double-protected insertion of pellets in our weighted products
  • Our robust top stitching to ensure absolute durability
  • The triple stitch enables vigorous usage time and time again
  • Selecting designs that minimize distraction, visual over-stimulation, and meet the needs and desires of our customers with SP
  • Products weight, recommended person’s weight and/or use instructions printed on most product sewn-in labels
  • Non-Latex elastic on Focus Fidgety
  • Products designed to stay on the body so people with varying levels of motor control or attention will still benefit from the products
  • Adherence to most recent research findings on weighted products
  • NEW Wipe-Clean fabric options available in not only blankets but shoulder wraps and lap pads
  • Curved neck contour on all our weighted blankets for optimal weight distribution around shoulders avoiding blanket placement over face