Wipe-Clean™ Weighted Shoulder Wrap
Wipe-Clean™ Weighted Shoulder Wrap
Wipe-Clean™ Weighted Shoulder Wrap
Sommerfly Weighted Blankets

Wipe-Clean™ Weighted Shoulder Wrap

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Sommerfly's NEW Wipe-Clean™ Weighted Shoulder Wrap is Hospital- Grade made with our high tech, ultra durable fabric. A perfect fit for hospitals, schools or any setting where machine washing is unavailable or inconvenient. 

Our weighted Shoulder Wrap fits perfectly as it rests gently on the 
shoulders and the front of the chest to help children and adults focus and as they experience gentle, calming deep pressure touch.

Our Wipe-Clean™ fabric is waterproof, breathable, tear resistant, anti-microbial, pleasant to touch, flame resistant (class A Barrier) and non-toxic and comes in a calming Royal blue. See cleaning instructions on back. Made in the USA.

Click here to view cleaning and disinfecting instruction for our Wipe-Clean™ Products.

Wipe Clean Weighted Shoulder Wrap™

Wipe Clean Weighted Shoulder Wrap™ Person’s weight in pounds Approximate age Wrap Weight
M 76-120 lbs 10 years and older 3.5 lbs
L 121 lbs + adolescents and adults 4.5 lbs

Calm Under Pressure - Sommerfly’s Wipe-Clean Shoulder WrapTM fits perfectly and rests gently on the shoulders to help children and adults focus and achieve a calm state. The Weighted Shoulder WrapTM is triple stitched with an additional fabric reinforced edge on the inside of the inner curve for exceptional durability. You can be confident the Weighted Shoulder WrapTM is the perfect portable size for mobility and thoughtfully designed to stay on even when you are on-the-go! You can choose from our two calming fabrics: 100% cotton Blue Wave Pattern or our original classic Buckskin Tan Corduroy.

Research has shown the amount of time for the effectiveness of weighted vests is from 15-30 minutes per wearing. These time frame recommendations are clearly noted on the Wipe-Clean Shoulder Wrap™ Tags along with the recommended weight range and product size for the person.

  • Curved design helps the wrap to stay on the shoulders even when you move.
  • We use PET pellets for weight because they are free of BPA, Phthalate and Lead and Non-Toxic.
  • Pellets are sewn into a cloth bag which creates double protection and ensures the pellets do not come out of the blanket.
  • Triple stitched with an additional fabric reinforced edge on the inside inner curve for exceptional durability
  • Made in the USA (as all our products are) with 100% high quality soft cotton.
  • May machine wash and dry.
  • Do not microwave.

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