Wipe-Clean™ Relaxer™ Travel-Sized Weighted Blanket
Wipe-Clean™ Relaxer™ Travel-Sized Weighted Blanket
Wipe-Clean™ Relaxer™ Travel-Sized Weighted Blanket
Sommerfly Weighted Blankets

Wipe-Clean™ Relaxer™ Travel-Sized Weighted Blanket

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Sommerfly's NEW Wipe-Clean™ Relaxer™ Weighted Blanket is Hospital-Grade! Made with our high tech, ultra-durable fabric, it's a perfect fit for hospitals, schools or any setting where machine washing is unavailable or inconvenient. 

Our NEW Wipe-Clean™ fabric is waterproof, breathable, tear resistant, anti-microbial, pleasant to touch, flame resistant (class A Barrier) and non-toxic. See below for our list of manufacturer's approved cleaning agents

Need help to calm down during the day or unwind in the evening? Take your Relaxer™ with you for convenient calming anywhere; on a plane, at the dentist or on the bus. Your Relaxer™ travel- sized weighted blanket is the perfect calming solution for daily activities that may provoke stress.

Click here to view cleaning and disinfecting instruction for our Wipe-Clean™ Products.

Relaxer™ Travel-Sized Weighted Blanket

Note: If the person falls outside the parameters of our Sizing Guidelines please either contact your Therapist or call us for our size recommendations. 

Relaxer™ Person’s weight in pounds Width x Length Relaxer™ Weight
XS 35-79 lbs 16" x 41" 5 lbs
S 80-110 lbs 19” x 39” 8 lbs
M 111-140 lbs 19” x 45” 12 lbs
L 141 lbs and above 21” x 49” 16 lbs
XL 180-220+ lbs 27" x 50" 25 lbs

Not recommended for people who have decreased strength due to age or illness. The person must be able to take the blanket off of themselves independently.

  • Innovative design which allows The Relaxer™ to lay on the lap and chest and lays over the shoulders.
  • Fastens in the back with (Velcro) hook and loop closure.
  • Designed to be durable and easy to wash.
  • We use PET pellets because they are free of BPA, Phthalate and Lead. Non-Toxic!
  • Innovative "Pocketed Construction" technique keeps pellets evenly distributed in their chambers, providing optimal coverage over the user.
  • Pellets are sewn into a "bean bag" creating double protection that ensures the pellets do not come out of the blanket and keeps the blanket evenly on the body.
  • Made in the USA with 100% high quality soft cotton that is double stitched for strength and maximum durability.
  • Hospital Grade, wipe clean fabric
The Relaxer™ - a portable sized weighted blanket great for travel, dentist office visits and car rides (Patent Pending)

Relaxer from Sommerfly on Vimeo.

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