Mask Lanyard (3-pack)
Mask Lanyard (3-pack)

Mask Lanyard (3-pack)

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Sommerfly's Mask Lanyards are made from 100% nylon spandex with a 3-pound safety  release clip.  Our lanyard connects to ear loop type masks with small plastic clips and allows the mask to hang on the chest when the mask is not in use.

Available in a 3-pack to share with family and friends.  Personalize it by writing your name on the name tag.  Sommerfly Mask Lanyards are lightweight and just the right length for your mask to rest on our chest when not in use.  Our Mask Lanyards come in two sizes; Adult and Child.  Perfect for adults and children to have your mask conveniently resting on your body any moment you may need it.

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