Snuggle Bin™ ESSENTIAL Accessory Kit
Snuggle Bin™ ESSENTIAL Accessory Kit
Snuggle Bin™ ESSENTIAL Accessory Kit
Snuggle Bin™ ESSENTIAL Accessory Kit

Snuggle Bin™ ESSENTIAL Accessory Kit

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Snuggle Bin™ Deluxe Accessory Kit

A Portable Calming and Sleep Space

INTRODUCING....our newest product to help sleep, focus, and calm!
 Snuggle Bin™ Accessory Kits Make a storage bin a Snuggle Bin™

 Snuggle Bin™ ESSENTIAL Accessory Kit includes:

  • Snuggle Sleeve™
  • Nibble Closure™

Snuggle Bin™ Accessory Kit is our brand new, Patent Pending product for school and home.

*STORAGE BINS ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE THROUGH SOMMERFLY. Use your own storage bin or click one of the links provided below for bins we have found to work well with our Snuggle Bin™ Accessory Kits.

Children climb into the bin and experience a restful place of their own, giving them defined boundaries they can push up against to feel where they are in space.  A child nestles in to experience an immediate calming sensation. The slight suspension allows for gentle bouncing and comforting deep touch, further enhancing the calming experience.

Teachers and parents report dramatic improvements with calm and focus in the classroom, at home, during lessons, circle time, and rest time. The Snuggle Bin is recommended for children up to approximately 90 lbs or to the stated capacity of the bin used.

How it works:

  • First, slip our Patent Pending Snuggle Sleeve over your storage bin. 
  • Then, secure the Snuggle Sleeve™ with our Patent Pending Nibble™ Closure. 
  • Now you have a Snuggle Bin that provides a portable cozy nook to help with focus an calm.

Snuggle Bin Essential Kit Assemble video:

Watch this video for Nibble Closure instructions:

*Use sturdy bins with smooth corners and edges to avoid fabric tears or bin damage.

Storage bin size ranges compatible with Snuggle Bin™ Accessory Kits:
  • 25-35 gallons
  • 38" x  22" x 15" to 45" x 21" x 20"

Here are two bins we have found to work well with Snuggle Bin™ Accessory Kits

Folding Storage Ottoman Bin: Buy Here

Project Source Storage Tote: Buy Here


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