Resources for Veterans Recovering from Traumatic Stress

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Sommerfly is committed to high-quality life improvement products that provide comfort and calm while supporting the body’s stress response systems.  For Veterans recovering from the physical, emotional, and mental wounds of war, feeling at ease, safe, and without pain, may be an uncommon experience when living with PTSD, MST, and TBI.  In recognition of Veterans Day, we would like to share related resources that support Veterans in accessing physical, mental, and emotional health.  

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As many dog owners and dog lovers know, a bond with a dog can run deep, with a physical connection that can provide comforting and grounding sensory input.  I believe that dogs are truly the original weighted blanket, sharing their weight, warmth, and pressure touch while at our side, on our lap, or in our beds! In fact, assistance dogs can be trained to share their weight therapeutically by leaning into their human and sitting on their feet.  Operation Delta Dog is a regional nonprofit organization that rescues shelter dogs in Massachusetts and New Hampshire and matches them with Veterans living with PTSD, TBI, and other physical challenges. Together, they train to be partners in daily life.

If you have tried a weighted blanket, you may be familiar with the deep sense of calm and relaxation experienced in the muscles and in the nervous system.  The sleep tight weighted blanket can be used throughout the night to help with falling asleep and staying asleep. It can also be used during the day during personal wellness practices, such as meditation and yoga.  Lying down on the floor with the body supported in a comfortable position during with the weighted blanket, you may feel more physically supported to explore guided relaxation, such as a body scan, or guided deep breathing.

Warriors at Ease, a nonprofit organization in Maryland, holds a vision to integrate yoga and meditation into military and civilian settings to support the health, resiliency, posttraumatic growth, and connection of service members, Veterans, and their families. Visit their website to access free online resources exploring breath, meditation, and yoga, including audio downloads, yoga videos, and iRest yoga Nidra.  Additionally, Warriors at Ease yoga teachers nationwide offer free classes to active military and Veterans.  

To learn more about and support warriors at ease, visit  

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