Sommerfly Waterproof Weighted Blanket Covers

Spills or accidents don’t have to cause stress when it comes to the care of your weighted blanket!

Weighted blankets are a necessary tool for Sommerfly’s buyers. Protecting this investment is important...and thanks to our waterproof duvet covers for the Sleep Tight™ Weighted Blanket, this protection can be beautiful as well as functional. Covers make Incorporating the blanket into a decorated room easy as the bright, waterproof blue fabric can be incorporated into any room’s color scheme.  

While all of our products are washable, covers make caring for your Sleep Tight™ Weighted Blanket especially efficient and easy. Our covers are designed to be exclusively used with our weighted blankets as they have the neck cut-out for comfort and are created to exactly fit its dimensions. 

Waterproof covers mean that spills or accidents can easily be cleaned without worrying about the blanket that is encased in the cover. Simply wash in your washing machine in cool water and machine dry on cool or fluff

They are easy to add to our blankets as the tie-tabs and zipper makes it simple. Please view our video:

With the superior quality of our products, you can be assured of years of use. For more information about our covers or to order one for your weighted blanket, click here. 

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