Tips For National Children's Dental Health Month

anti-anxiety dental sommerfly weighted blankets

We all know how important good dental hygiene is for our health. This is true for everyone, but especially for children. Regular dental visits help children get a good start on a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. Going to the dentist, however, can cause anxiety and stress for some children. So what can a parent do to help their children get the care they need and also ease their stress about the dentist? 

Ask About Their Fears

Knowing what it is about going to the dentist that makes the child fearful is the best place to start. Identifying fears can help you work with our dental team to figure out a solution. Also, sometimes just talking through fears can help your child feel more relaxed.

Stay With Your Child During the Exam

If the child asks you to stay with them, remain in the exam room. Supporting their needs can bring a sense of comfort. 

Small Items to Provide Comfort

Bringing a child’s favorite blanket or stuffed animal to hold while they are examined can be of great help. Our Wristful Fidgets and Focus Fidgety fidgets are also effective tools and can provide distraction during the exam. 

Weighted Blankets To Help Relieve Stress

Sommerfly’s Sit Tight Weighted Lap Pad is a great option for a travel sized weighted item that can help soothe dental anxieties in both children and adults. Other options for weighted stress relief are our weighted blankets

Seek Professional Help

If your child becomes very upset or is unable to cope with their dental visits, seeking out the help of an occupational therapist can be the best option for your family. The important thing is to work with your child to address their fears instead of pretending they don’t exist or shouldn’t be feeling them. 

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