Sommerfly Weighted Blankets Provide Quality and Calm

Our mission here at Sommerfly is to produce Weighted Blankets that are designed for safety, comfort, and function. Based on our research and weighted blanket studies our designs incorporate quality materials to create blankets that provide gentle pressure to ease anxiety and stress. The pouches on our blankets are securely stitched into our blankets and provide evenly distributed weight. The non-Toxic, inert PET pellets that we use in the pouches are free of BPA, phthalates, and lead and have undergone rigorous safety testing. In addition to safety, we have also focused on comfort and incorporated a unique curved neck contour that keeps the blanket away from the face while covering the shoulders. We also offer a variety of laundering or wipe-clean fabric options  to meet your functional needs in either a home or commercial setting.

Who Can Benefit?

Our blankets are designed for people over the age of three and who weigh at least 22lbs, so our users encompass all ages. Our Sleep Tight weighted blanket  supports improved sleep, focus, and calm in daily life. Users that respond well to our weighted blankets are children, teens, and adults who experience self-regulation difficulties related to stress, trauma, anxiety, sensory processing, and autism.

Why Is It Used?

The Sleep Tight Weighted Blanket provides calming deep pressure touch input to the nervous system.  Users experience feelings of being safe, comfortable, calm, grounded, settled, and soothed.  These positive feelings, both physically and emotionally, help to shift the user into a more relaxed state. Not just for sleeping at night,, the weighted blanket can be used when extra support is needed, providing a calming, self-soothing, and relaxing tool during the day. Some activities that can be integrated when calming is needed include listening to music, watching a show or movie, reading, following a guided relaxation, or even talking socially in person or on the phone. It is truly a tool that will be used each day in all of the activities of daily living.

What Are The Fabric Options?

Our regular Sleep Tight Weighted Blankets are made with 100% cotton fabrics. For a commercial setting, we recommended our standard blue or tan corduroy as they are the sturdiest machine washable fabrics. We also offer custom fabrics for use at home for times when a more personal blanket is desired. Whether the user chooses their  favorite color or pattern, personal style can be expressed. We even offer the choice of custom fabric covers for the standard blanket, which can reduce the need for machine washing of the blanket.

Our Wipe-Clean Weighted Blankets are designed for hospital, medical, therapeutic, and educational settings where machine washing is unavailable or inconvenient.  We design our wipe clean blankets with an ultra durable fabric that is waterproof, breathable, tear resistant, anti-microbial, flame resistant, non-toxic and pleasant to the touch. We create the blankets with one seam that ensures that liquids or spills cannot get into the blanket. The Wipe-Clean Weighted blanket can be a safe, effective approach for emergency and behavioral health settings commitment to restraint reduction and trauma-informed care. 

We know you may have questions about our products and if you would like to speak with a Sommerfly representative, we are here to answer your questions. Contact Hollie Marron, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist at or view our products on

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